Case Study A

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A was placed at Eversley House on 10th April 2014 during the school Easter holidays on a 3 week placement while suitable alternative foster care was found for him. Arrangements were made so that he could travel by taxi to Forest Oak special school in Solihull where he is in year 9. As no foster placement has yet been found for A, he has remained at Eversley House and has continued to travel to school each day by taxi. He is always up on time and ready in his school uniform. His attendance has been 100% and we have not received any reports from school of negative behaviour. He currently only attends for the morning as it was felt that previous allegations of sexual behaviour meant it was not safe for him to be around younger children.

At Eversley House A is doing really well. He is settled into a good routine, keeps his room tidy, showers regularly and is very cheerful. Each week he completes his homework task from school with support from the G4S teacher and has received very positive feedback from school. He enjoys taking part in a wide range of activities including pool, football and gardening. He particularly enjoys walking by the canal and has been helping at the local locks. He eats well and has received awards for Bedroom of the Week, Student of the Week and Healthy Eater of the Week. As a reward, he is going to the Harry Potter Studios over half term, as he is also a big fan of Harry Potter.

A does need a lot of support and attention from staff and can sometimes wind up the other young people, particularly by being quite loud and whistling. However in general he is learning to be part of the group and enjoys being at the House. There have been a few issues with his behaviour and A can be easily led by others, but these situations have been well managed by staff at Eversley House, who have been able to encourage A to make positive choices. He is a popular lad who has formed strong relationships with staff and with his key worker. He tells me that he enjoys being here and would be happy to stay if he is not able to return home.