Restraint Reduction Network Conference – 6th and 7th October 2016


“Restraint Reduction: Examining What Works”


Alice Cook, Abbie Robertson, Abigail Grabecki and Kim Murray from Homes2Inspire attended the ‘Restraint Reduction Conference’ in Birmingham from 6th to the 7th October 2016.


This was the third European Restraint Reduction Conference and was chaired by Professor Joy Duxbury, a professor in mental health nursing at the University of Central Lancashire. She leads the Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing. Dr Mervyn Eastman, Co-founder Change AGEnts Network and President Practitioner Alliance for Safeguarding Adults (PASA) is a regular contributor and lecturer at universities and also lead the two day conference. The conference was hosted by CPI.

Abbie stated  The biggest thing I took away from the conference is that, Homes2Inspire actually put a lot into practise that other organisations and that, ‘The Restraint Reduction Network’ are pushing forward in implementing. The use of ‘co-production’ and involving the service user into their care and to use their expertise to help others in the same or similar position is already in some way being used.  Homes2Inspire ensure that the young people in their care are involved in their care planning, LAC, PEP, social worker meetings. Young people have an input into the setting up and decorating of their homes, they attend assessment days and have attended staff Initial Training Course’s.We drive forward with our care, always with the young person in mind and we should be highly proud of this”.








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