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An adventure to the remote parts of Laos!!!


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde


Wendover House our newly opened home in Nottingham as hit the ground running with their first large scale charity project. Elaine Ashmore, the Registered Home Manager spent ten days in Laos volunteering with the Baraka Community Partnership programme and their partner organisations. Elaine visited two villagers where she helped to build the foundation for a new water tank and pipeline to give the current residents access to 10 litres of water a day more than double what they previously had access to, at the second village Elaine helped to work on the foundations of a new dorm to enable more children to access education in a remote area of Laos which took over two hours to reach via a truck which demonstrated the need for the children to live on site. In addition to the manual labour projects Elaine also had the great honour of visiting the book boat and witnessing the teaching sessions in action, this enabled Elaine to see two teachers deliver a teaching session to more than 90 children on a long narrow boat on the banks of the Mekong River. The book boat is vital to providing additional education resources to communities only accessible by boat.

At Homes2Inspire we are keen to ensure that the children and young people have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and gain an understanding of the importance of supporting and helping others in a wide range of ways. As part of this project residents have been involved in education sessions about Laos and the important sustainable work that the Baraka Community Partnership completes. In addition to holding garage and bake sales to help raise money for the project and collecting donations for Elaine to take with to Laos, this included first aid supplies, children clothes, toiletries and children vitamins.         

Baraka Community Partnerships (BCP) is a charity, which began in 2007 when three friends, who had travelled much and seen inequality and poverty first hand, got together with a view to making a difference. It started with one project in Morocco and has developed to encompass over 30 projects in four developing countries. In 2013 Baraka Canada was formed. Baraka doesn’t give cash hand-outs, because we want to look at long term solutions. We want the changes in the communities to come from them – their ideas, their goals, their aspirations. By developing Schools and healthcare centres, income generation schemes and water and sanitation projects, we galvanise communities to create their own sustainable, self-sufficient futures. All projects are suggested or instigated by locals, so we can help build their own vision for their community to make it a reality. Where possible we ask the community to contribute in some format such as labour, local materials or part funding. Where possible we work with local partners or organisations.

If anyone is interested in learning more about the Baraka Community Partnership and the work they do in Morocco, India, Zambia and Laos, you can learn more, become involved or donate directly to the charity on the following website: http://www.barakacommunity.com/ or on social media site Facebook using the following link: https://en-gb.facebook.com/BarakaCommunityPartnerships/


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