Education / Training

homes2inspire is passionate about ensuring that all young people have full access to education, training or employment appropriate for their age and needs. All of our homes have the additional resource of a qualified teacher to support young people in their education and enable them to achieve their full potential.

Within our homes, education and training is valued and seen as a high priority. Our teachers and home staff work together to ensure young people attend their provisions and encourage and support them in their studies.

The team of teachers are supported by an extended professional team who give direct educational advice and guidance to young people where required. Teachers liaise with social workers, placement teams, virtual schools and providers to facilitate the best possible outcomes for those in our care.

All young people are offered an initial educational assessment on arrival and their progress is monitored and measured against national standards. Our teachers produce monthly education reports and quarterly attainment figures are sought from schools; this information is shared with local authorities, social workers, parents and other professionals. Young people are also offered an end of placement education assessment so that we can demonstrate their progress, which can then be shared with care professionals and families to celebrate the young person’s achievements.