Moving on

All services delivered within our Children’s Homes have an overarching aim of improving the resettlement outcomes for young people by successfully meeting their immediate and long terms needs. Through the development of bespoke Care Plans, pathway plans, specialist interventions and appropriate support mechanisms young people will be fully prepared and equipped with the skills and confidence to manage their lives when they leave the home, and indeed when they leave care.

All young people will be supported through a series of ‘Life Skills’ sessions with key workers preparing them for independent living or a more long-term placement, for example with foster carers. The key-worker will play a significant part in this process, preparing the young person for their change of placement and supporting them during the initial settling in period. This process may include accompanying young people on visits to new placements and offering appropriate support and guidance to ensure this is a smooth transition which limits any distress or upset.

Where a young person may be moving onto independent or semi-independent living, our Independent Living Skills Programme will develop the necessary skills to support this. This includes modules on:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Cooking
  • Money management
  • Practical living skills, for example how to use a washing machine, tumble dryer, iron or how to replace a plug
  • Opening and operating a bank account
  • Healthy living
  • Safety in the home
  • Using transport
  • Accessing local support

We additionally provide core programmes for young people seeking employment through modules focusing on:

  • Applying for jobs
  • Writing a CV
  • Interview techniques
  • Understanding wage slips
  • Basic tax laws

For those young people seeking college or vocational placements, we are proactive in preparing young people for interviews and supporting them to attend meetings and open days to enable them to enroll onto appropriate courses.

We also recognise the importance and contribution of family support throughout a young person’s placement, especially for those individuals that may return to a family environment. Wherever possible, and suitable, we will complete sessions with the young people and their family or foster carers to support a smooth and effective transition from the Children’s Home. These will be completed within the Home or at another suitable location approved by the young person’s Social Worker. In addition to this we will continue to promote telephone and letter contact to ensure young people stay in touch with individuals important to their life, who will then continue to support their continued positive resettlement once they leave our home.