Our partners

We work with a number of individuals, groups and agencies to provide effective support and ‘outstanding’ services for young people. This includes key agencies such as Ofsted, Local Authority Placement teams, Safeguarding Officers, Parents/Carers and Social Workers with whom effective partnership working is essential to secure positive outcomes for all our young people. We additionally extend this support to young people in the community through our engagement and involvement on Local Safeguarding Children Boards where we are able to impart our specialism and expertise to support service improvements within local areas.

We feel our positive engagement and support of local communities and Parish Councils is crucial in ensuring young people are placed in a welcoming, understanding and accommodating environment where they are more likely to settle well, improving their individual outcomes.

St Andrew’s Healthcare is the UK’s largest not-for-profit mental healthcare charity providing services across mental healthcare, learning disability, acquired brain injury and progressive and neurodegenerative conditions. They provide specialist intervention and support to our young people through targeted interventions and psychiatric support for those presenting with a range of extreme behaviours including sexual dysfunction, fire setting or extreme anger management concerns. They additionally support our in-house specialist psychological and mental health services to ensure they remain at the forefront of best practice and effectively support the young people in our Homes.

We additionally hold a working partnership agreement with Education & Youth Services Limited (EYS), a leading national educational provider delivering a number of modules for young people, including those currently out of school, at risk of exclusion or preparing for employment. This provision supports the young people at all of our Children’s Homes and helps us to achieve positive education, employment and training outcomes for all Looked After young people.