Referrals Process

Admission to one of our Children’s Homes is through referral to our dedicated Referral Team using the contact details below. For each referral we will conduct:

  • A review of the applicant’s history and circumstances
  • An assessment as to whether the applicant meets the home’s general admission criteria
  • An assessment related to the composition of the home’s current residents

Emergency admissions will be accepted, provided that the above information has been supplied and at least one hour is required in which to consider the appropriateness of the placement.

We review each young person’s placement plan on a regular basis. This is undertaken through consultation with the young person, parents or responsible others and representatives from social services to ensure that the plan is current, appropriate and relevant to the young person’s needs. Any significant change to the placement plan will be discussed and agreed at a formal placement review.

To make a referral please call our dedicated team on: 07841 966439 (24 hour, including emergency referral number)

Alternatively please use our referral E-mail address referrals@homes2inspire.co.uk where you can also:

  • Ask about our latest availability
  • Discuss which home / location would be most suitable
  • Discuss potential placements or find out additional information
  • Make a referral (please include as much detail as possible with reassurance that this is a secured e-mail address only accessible to our placement team)

We also deliver a range of community based services and support functions which includes:

  • Working with local schools
  • Sitting on Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards
  • Facilitating training activities in partnership with local child protection officers.
  • Provide care leavers support packages.

We are also currently operating a Reparation Service with Milton Keynes & Buckinghamshire Youth Offending Teams, supporting individuals receiving community orders, and engaging them in constructive projects to support the local community and victims of crime.