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Our purpose and values

Across Shaw Trust and Homes2Inspire we are guided by our values, vision, mission and commitment to focus our experience, skills, advocacy and passion to deliver the highest quality services for the people we support and to improve opportunities and access to work now and for the long term.

Our values

We believe that who we are and the values we hold directly improves the quality of what we provide to those we support. Our values guide and focus us every day:

We care about people

We support our staff, our volunteers and the people we work with to realise their potential.

We make a difference

Making a lasting positive impact for the people we support is the reason we exist. We deliver high performance across our services, helping people to improve their lives.

We are inclusive

We value the ideas, views and strengths of everyone we work with and support. Everybody is different and everybody is equal.

We are collaborative

Working together is more effective and efficient. We believe that by working together with those we support and our partners we create better services and solutions.

We are honest

We are authentic, accountable and transparent in all we do.

Shaw Trust is determined  to show strong leadership in working with people to help them find work, gain support and improve their wellbeing, transforming their lives in the process. Our purpose and values support this by motivating our staff while clearly demonstrating our commitment to our stakeholders.

We have a charitable heart and a commercial head, and we carry forward the best attributes of both. As a charity we are able to reinvest any surplus we make through our work back into product development and delivery. This ensures that we are able to deliver the best possible outcomes for our participants while remaining at the cutting edge of service provision. Our commercial know-how means we understand the importance of delivering excellent value for money, being competitive and of proving our impact. Our extensive experience working with partner organisations and commissioners means we are perfectly placed to meet their needs from a business perspective.

Our Success Stories


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