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Case Studies

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P Case Study – By Angela Day, Education and Careers Coordinator

P moved to our home in November 2020. As a result of a breakdown in her family relationships due to her high-level self-harming, P had been sectioned and remained in hospital for a long period of time before moving to our home. As a result of this, she had missed several months of her education and the beginning of her A Level studies.

When she moved in, P had a transition period to allow her to settle before reintroducing her to education. She made the decision to remain at her education provision and therefore a robust plan was put in place alongside the school. This involved staff remaining on site at school to support should there be any incidents whilst she was there.

P successfully reintegrated into education and completed her A Level studies. She has also been offered places at four Russell Group universities. P also had an interview for Oxford University. P received A*, A, B in her A Level studies which will gain her a place at her top choice university. PW is due to receive an award for her extraordinary marks in psychology at school and will be attending an awards evening to receive this in October.

T Case Study – Written by Katherine Wallis, Support Worker at a five bedroom children’s home

T came to our home in March 2022 due to a breakdown in her relationship with her Mum. This was her first time in care away from her family. T had been battling with her mental health before coming to us and had been struggling with self-harm.

Despite going through a difficult time, T continued to keep herself focused at school and maintained a high attendance there. She is involved in several extra-curriculum activities in her free time, including drama clubs and basketball. In addition to this, T volunteers at a local charity helping those with learning disabilities.

T has not only begun to overcome her mental health battles whilst being with us, she has also become a much more confident individual by working on her ability to voice her views and wishes to professionals involved in her care, something she has previously struggled with greatly.

T excelled in her GCSE exams, gaining the highest scores across the whole of Homes2Inspire year 11’s. She attended her school prom and was supported by staff in preparation for this. She had a brilliant time and looked absolutely amazing.

T has celebrated her achievements and had a well-deserved rest this summer, spending it in Malawi with her family. She has been successful in gaining a place at college and is due to start there in September to study psychology, business and performing arts. TM aspires to work in paediatrics as a future career.

J Case study – By Angela Day, Education and Careers Coordinator

J moved to one our homes in November 2021 and has gone from strength to strength. He has engaged wonderfully with his education provision. J is part of a basketball club and attends weekly completing basketball camps during school holidays. J is a keen boxer and was supported to join a Boxing club.

When young people have moved into the home J has been a peer mentor, supporting his peers to settle into the home./J recently went up in a glider with a pilot and decided he wanted to do a skydive, he chose to skydive for a cause and asked if he could be supported to set up a JustGiving page to raise money for Cancer Support UK. During the summer holidays he took part in the NCS programme and thoroughly enjoyed it, his group raised money for MIND charity. J has passed all of his exams and starts college in September 2022 following his passion for sports.

C Case Study – By Danny McIntyre, Education and Careers Coordinator

Last academic year during the pandemic, C struggled to engage in online learning and settle back into school with covid restrictions in place. C still managed to sit all of her GCSE’s and attained very positive grades. This meant that she was able to attend college to study her desired choice of health and social care./C has attended her first year of college and has been graded an A for her level of work in her first year of health and social care.

C has had her struggles throughout the year but has managed to keep her attendance at a high percentage and always competed her coursework early and to a very high level. C was not sure about attending college after the struggles of the school during the pandemic, but she has shown resilience and hard work and we are all very proud of her achievements./C hopes one day that she can become a social worker and use her past experiences and knowledge to ensure she becomes a social worker that can support young people in the future.

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