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Message from Paul Cook, Managing Director Homes2Inspire

As we enter a further week of lockdown I would on behalf of Homes2Inspire’s Senior Leadership Team like to express our thanks, gratitude and admiration for the amazing work, dedication and commitment of all our staff and foster carers.

This of course extends also to the fantastic work of the NHS and all other essential keyworkers working across all settings that are providing care and support to those vulnerable in our society and those working hard to keep all of our supply lines functioning.

The testing facilities set up for keyworker staff is extremely welcome and our experience to date of the process has been it is extremely efficient.  I am sure this is welcome by staff who need to be tested who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or those with whom they live or look after having the opportunity to be tested if they have symptoms of COVID-19 and are the reason for needing to be self-isolating.  This will not only enable people to return to work sooner but also alleviate anxieties and concerns. 

The regular from Yvette Stanley at Ofsted and the ongoing support of Local Authorities is extremely welcome and appreciated.

What has been most heart-warming has been the Thursday evening applause for NHS and keyworkers and the acknowledgement by communities where we have our homes directly for the work our staff are undertaking.

Whilst these continue to be unprecedented times the spirit of everybody working together and going the extra mile is something that I hope will not be lost when we come out of this situation.

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